Why hire a financial planner?

Many people recognize the value in saving for retirement, but don’t know how much, what to invest in, or even their desired outcome.  That is where we come in and help to answer those questions.   Not only do we help guide you in making critical decisions, but equally importantly we are there to help you avoid common financial mistakes.  In the end, this leads you to a greater peace of mind and a better chance of reaching your financial goals.

Why should I choose Sapient Road Wealth Management?

There are many ways to get from point A to point B in life.  The name of our firm was chosen specifically to address this dilemma.  It wasn’t going to be called ‘Easy Street and the Road to Get Rich Quick,’ or ‘A Road Map on How to Beat the Market in 5 Easy Steps.’  We view financial planning and wealth management as a journey that requires strategic planning and consistent monitoring.  It takes time to realize financial goals, but we are committed to supporting you throughout the entire process.  Furthermore, our fee-based structure allows us to give unbiased advice that is best for you.

What is ‘fee-based’ financial planning and why should this be important to me?

Because we are fee-based, independent advisors, there is no conflict of interest regarding compensation.  We do not accept sales commissions or sell proprietary products.  Since there are no third-party relationships to influence our thinking or financial recommendations, we are committed to truly serving your best interests by recommending the most appropriate investment for you.

What types of clients do you work for?

Since the firm is guided by an investment philosophy, there isn’t a typical client as far as demographics.  Our clients range in age from their early 20s to 80+ and vary from professionals to retirees.  The common thread is that they realize the value of working with a financial professional and share a similar investment philosophy.

Is there a required minimum asset level?

Quite simply, the answer is no.  Although some firms select clients based on portfolio size, we place greater importance on a shared wealth management philosophy.  From our experience, we’ve found that the most successful relationships stem from a similar perspective on the best wealth management approach, independent of the dollar amount.

Do you work with my other advisors?

Yes.  It is common to coordinate with your accountant, attorney, or other advisors to ensure that everyone is operating on the same page and has the necessary information to act in your best interest.

Why should I choose to work with Sapient Road Wealth Management vs. a large firm?

Do you ever get frustrated calling a 1-800 customer service phone number for a large company and can’t seem to get a real person on the other end?  Even if you are lucky enough to talk to a real person, they probably don’t know the first thing about you.  The advantage of a small firm is that each client is valued.  You will receive individualized attention, and will have the confidence in knowing that whenever you reach out to communicate, we will be there for you.  We recognize that investing can trigger emotions, and you can rely on our personal relationship to help you navigate the often volatile swings of the market.